Australian Related Chemical Warfare Articles (200+)


1985    The Gillis Report - Australian Field Trials with Mustard Gas   (PDF)   "R Gillis"

07 April 1988    Australia Turns Away Iranian Gas Victims    "Sydney Morning Herald"

01 July 1988    NSW Declares Chemical War on Prisoners    "Sydney Morning Herald"

12 January 1989    Chemical Arms & the Region    "Sydney Morning Herald"

19 January 1989    Australia Backs US on Libya Plant    "Sydney Morning Herald"

15 January 1991    Masks Won't Cover up Real Problem    "Sydney Morning Herald"

04 April 1992    Mustard Gas Peril off NSW    "Sydney Morning Herald"

10 April 1992    Mustard Gas May Have Killed our Men, says Doctor    "Sydney Morning Herald"

11 April 1992    Mustard Gas: Bungling, Secrecy Exposed    "Sydney Morning Herald"

22 May 1992    World Finally Sees Risk of Chemical Weapons    "Sydney Morning Herald"

03 December 1993    Mushrooms & Mustard Gas    "Sydney Morning Herald"

18 June 1994    Diggers Lured into Cruel War Gas Trials    "Sydney Morning Herald"

18 April 1998    Diggers in Mustard Gas Tests   "Sydney Morning Herald"

01 March 1999    Keen as Mustard Book Review   "Journal of the Australian War Memorial"

24 May 2000    Peter Dunn, AO    "Sydney Morning Herald"

16 July 2000    Veterans Death Prompt Study Urgency    "Sydney Morning Herald"

2000, 2002 & 2003    Chemical Warfare Agent Sea Dumping off Australia   (PDF)    "Department of Defence"   

26 January 2002    Toxic Gas Dumps Litter Coastline   (PDF)    "The Australian"

28 January 2002    Hunt for WWII Deadly Gas Dump   (PDF)    "Northern Territory News"

30 January 2002    Mustard Gas Dumped: Hundreds of Chemical Weapons  (PDF)   "Townsville Bulletin"

03 February 2002    Toxic Time Bomb Decays Off Coast  (PDF)    "Sunday Herald Sun"

10 March 2002    Burnet's Solution: The Plan to Poison S-E Asia    "The Age"

16 July 2002    Safety Study Of Toxic Sea Sites Sacked   (PDF)    "Courier Mail"

16 July 2002    Mustard Gas Dumped Off Coast Leaking   (PDF)    "Courier Mail"

17 July 2002    Lab Tests Chemical Weapons  (PDF)    "Courier Mail"

21 July 2002    Fears Of Coastal Mustard Gas Leak  (PDF)    "Sunday Herald Sun"

20 August 2002    Questions on Notice - Chemical Weapons Testing   (PDF)    "The Senate - Parliament"

2003    Sea Dumping In Australia   (PDF)    "Department of Defence" 

08 March 2003    Government Booklet Leads to Panic Buying    "Illawarra Mercury"

03 May 2003    A Lack of Intelligence    "Sydney Morning Herald"

28 May 2003    Stolen Gas Cylinder May Contain Mustard Gas    "ABC News Online"

07 June 2003    Just How Well Informed was Australia's Intelligence    "Sydney Morning Herald"

11 April 2004    Port Moves on Container Terror Checks    "Sydney Morning Herald"

17 December 2004    Trawlers Dredge Up Weapons   (PDF)   "Herald Sun"

30 October 2005    The Deadliness Below (Part 1)    "Daily Press (United States)"

30 October 2005    The Deadliness Below (Part 2)    "Daily Press (United States)"

30 October 2005    Dumping Was Carried Out On A Global Scale  (PDF)    "Daily Press (United States)"

03 November 2005    Hunt For US Weapons Dump off New Zealand Coast   "New Zealand Herald"

2006     Buried At Sea  (film in which Australia is mentioned)   "National Film Board of Canada"

20 May 2006    Heavily Armed with Bullets of Fact    "Sydney Morning Herald"

06 November 2006    Concern WWII Chemical Dump Off NSW Coast Deteriorating    "ABC News Online"

25 April 2007    Our Sacrifice, at Home & Abroad    "Sydney Morning Herald"

01 November 2007    Yuraygir National Park  (PDF)    "Dept of Environ. & Climate Change - NSW"

20 January 2008    Deadly Chemicals Hidden In War Cache    "Sun Herald"

27 January 2008    Blisters From Mustard Gas  (PDF)   "Sun Herald"

15 February 2008    Geoff's Terrible Secret War    "Penrith Press"

23 February 2008    Pioneering Specialist Focused on Stomach Ills    "Sydney Morning Herald"

28 February 2008    Author Lifts Lid On Chemical Warfare History  (PDF)   "Blue Mountains Gazette"

12 March 2008    Brought Back Memories  (PDF)    "Blue Mountains Gazette"

26 March 2008    Glenbrook's Secret Past  (PDF)    "Blue Mountains Gazette"

30 March 2008    Book Review - Chemical Warfare in Australia (HTML)  "Sun Herald"

31 March 2008    A Deadly Menace   "The Daily Telegraph"

10 April 2008    Guinea Pigs Tell A Testing Tale  (PDF)   "Hornsby & Upper North Shore Advocate"

19 April 2008    The Return to Villers-Brettoneux    "The Australian"

23 April 2008    Forgotten War Continues inside Veterans Hearts    "Sydney Morning Herald"

01 May 2008    Chemical Warfare And Railway Tunnels  (PDF)     "Australian Railway History"

07 May 2008    Mushroom Mystery  (PDF)    "Blue Mountains Gazette"

24 May 2008    The Big Secret  (PDF) (HTML)    "Illawarra Mercury Weekender"

24 May 2008    Our Toxic Secret  (PDF)     "Northern Territory News" 

24 June 2008    Parliamentary Speech Given By David Bradbury MP     "Federal Parliament"

26 June 2008   Memories Of Mustard Gas   (PDF)    "Innisfail Advocate"

08 July 2008    The Big Secret - Our Mustard Gas Conspiracy (PDF)    "Lithgow Mercury"

08 July 2008    Mustard Gas Tainted Our Reputation  (PDF)     "Lithgow Mercury"

17 July 2008    Chemical Experiments In The Eighties  PDF)     "Lithgow Mercury"

17 July 2008    Hidden Newnes Forest Storge Has Added To Military Puzzle (PDF) "Lithgow Mercury"

25 July 2008    Conversation Hour With Richard Fidler    "ABC Radio"

01 August 2008    Frank Fights On For Duty Justice  (PDF)    "Queensland Times"

03 August 2008    Book Review - Chemical Warfare in Australia   (PDF)   "Australian Army Journal Vol VI, No 3, Summer 2009"

05 August 2008    Railway Historians Join Chemical Warfare Issue  (PDF)   "Lithgow Mercury"

07 August 2008    Bases's Phantom War Reveals Its Secrets  (PDF)   "Lithgow Mercury"

14 August 2008    Hidden Stories Of War (PDF)  "City South News (Brisbane)"

15 August 2008     Soldiers Were Guinea Pigs for Chemical Weapons  (PDF)   "Townsville Bulletin"

15 August 2008    Deadly Weapons Used To Stump Dance Hall  (PDF)   "Townsville Bulletin"

15 August 2008    They Were Only 19 - Armourer Recounts  (PDF)  "Townsville Bulletin"

30 August 2008   Memories Rise To Surface  (PDF)    "Innisfail Advocate"

04 September 2008    Lifting The Lid On WWII Secrets  (PDF)   "Navy News"

09 September 2008    Chemical Warfare Left Its Legacy  (PDF)   "Lithgow Mercury"

17 September 2008    Marrangaroo Military Base - Talk With Maj Cuthbertson (PDF)  "ABC Radio"

20 September 2008    Secrets Unmasked  (PDF) (HTML)  "Illawarra Mercury Weekender"

22 September 2008    Chemical Bombs Sit Metres From Lithgow Families   "The Daily Telegraph"

24 October 2008    Bowen's Role In Gas Trials (PDF)   "Bowen Independent"

26 November 2008    History Channel Films At Glenbrook (PDF)   "Blue Mountains Gazette"

01 December 2008    Marrangaroo - What Can Go Wrong (PDF)   "The Bushwalker"

03 December 2008    Truth Coming Out (PDF)    "Blue Mountains Gazette"

09 December 2008    Secret No More  (PDF)    "Penrith Press"

24 January 2009    Cleanup For Our Wartime Secrets (PDF)    "Lithgow Mercury"

06 February 2009    Alcatraz Down Under - Glenbrook Tunnel  (FILM)    "History Channel"

07 February 2009    Cleansing Our Sins (PDF)    "Lithgow Mercury"

09 February 2009    Coming Clean (PDF)    "Central Western Daily"

10 February 2009    Stories Go Global  (PDF)    "Penrith Press"

19 February 2009    Chemical Munition Casing Found To Be Harmless    "Department of Defence"

23 February 2009    Gas Bomb Scare A Fizzer  (PDF)    "Lithgow Mercury"

27 February 2009    No Chemical Weapons At WWII Burial Site  (PDF)    "Penrith Press"

05 March 2009    War Yarns Led To Chemical Dig  (PDF)    "Hornsby & Upper North Shore Advocate"

02 April 2009    The World as it was When we Were Born  (PDF)   "Hornsby & Upper North Shore Advocate"

16 April 2009    A Clean Bill Of Health For Marrangaroo  (PDF)   "Lithgow Mercury"

19 May 2009    Top Level Scrutiny For Marrangaroo Army Base  (PDF)    "Lithgow Mercury"

18 July 2009     Not Moonwalkers  (PDF)   "Lithgow Mercury"

22 July 2009    Book Review  (PDF)   "Wartime - Australian War Memorial Journal - Issue 47, pages 72-73"

27 August 2009    Proserpine, Gunyarra & Historical Finds (Audio)   "ABC Online"

04 August 2009    Chemical Weapons Munitions Dumped at Sea  (Video)   "Middlebury Institute"

01 September 2009    Sydney - A Chemical Weapons Depot & Dumping Ground  (PDF)   "History Magazine - Royal Australian Historical Society"

05 September 2009    Hardy Souls  (PDF)   "Townsville Bulletin"

08 September 2009    A Job Well Done - Meantime in the Forest  (PDF)   "Lithgow Mercury"

10 September 2009    Dark Secrets Brought to Light  (PDF)    "Lithgow Mercury"

24 October 2009    Bunker Gas Fears Unburied  (PDF)   "Townsville Bulletin"

31 October 2009    Bombshell for Grader Driver    "The Daily Examiner - Grafton"

04 November 2009    Chemical Warfare Workers Receive Overdue Honour  (PDF)   "Blue Mountains Gazette"

08 November 2009    Mustard Gas on Mine Site  (PDF)    "Sunday Mail - Brisbane"

09 November 2009    Deadly Gas Discovered    "The Chronicle - Toowoomba"

10 November 2009    Officials Duck Gas Find Questions    "The Chronicle - Toowoomba"

11 November 2009    Weapons Await UN Inspection    "The Chronicle - Toowoomba"

11 November 2009    Questions Remain on Australian Mustard Agent Find   "Global Security Newswire"

11 November 2009    Mustard Filled Rounds Found Near Future Coal Mine Site   ""

11 November 2009    Minister of Veteran Affairs Press Release    "Federal Parliament"

12 November 2009    UN Inspectors to Examine Munitions Found in Australia    "Global Security Newswire"

13 November 2009    Glenbrook RAAF Mustard Men Remembered  (PDF)    "Penrith Press"

14 November 2009    Former Workers Tell Bomb History    "The Chronicle - Toowoomba"

14 November 2009    Shell Find Raises Memories    "The Chronicle - Toowoomba"

18 November 2009    Mustard Gas Men Gain Recognition  (PDF)   "Blue Mountains Gazette"

21 November 2009    Debate Over Chemical Weapons Cache Intensifies Castle Hillís Bunker Baffler  (PDF)    "Townsville Bulletin"

28 November 2009     Bunker Battleground 1020 Mustard Charge Bombs Dumped In Our Waters  (PDF)   "Townsville Bulletin"

28 November 2009     Bunker Battleground  (PDF)   "Townsville Bulletin"

28 November 2009     WWII Apprentice Doubt Castle Hill Tunnels  (PDF)   "Townsville Bulletin"

12 December 2009     Mustard Gas Men Honoured  (PDF)   "Defence - The Official Magazine"

07 January 2010     Chemical Spill Forces Evacuation    "ABC Online"

07 January 2010     Evacuated Residents Return Home After Chemical Leak    "Sydney Morning Herald"

08 January 2010     Mustard Gas Feared in Chemical Spill    "The Australian"

08 January 2010     Investigations After Chemical Scare    "ABC Online"

09 January 2010     Mustard Gas Scare  (PDF)    "Lithgow Mercury"

12 January 2010     Good Job In Emergency  (PDF)   "Lithgow Mercury"

18 January 2010     Tear Gas Grenade Set off in Unit  (PDF)    "Northern Territory News"

26 January 2010     Inch Street Residents Want Answers  (PDF)    "Lithgow Mercury"

27 January 2010     No Compo for Australian Nuclear Test Veterans    "Herald Sun"

25 February 2010     Council Told Mustard Gas Scare was the Last Straw  (PDF)    "Lithgow Mercury"

13 March 2010     No Mustard Gas - It was Benzene  (PDF)   "Lithgow Mercury"

20 March 2010     Inch Street Lobbyists Heard the Outcome of the EPA Inquiry  (PDF)    "Lithgow Mercury"

March/April 2010    Mustard Gas Men Honoured at Glenbrook War Memorial  (PDF)  "Reveille - Returned & Services League of Australia Magazine"

March 2010     The Future of Chemical Weapons  (PDF) (Australia Group)    "The New Atlantis"

17 April 2010     Lynne Learning Grandad WWI History    "The Daily Examiner (Grafton)"

24 April 2010     Legendary Tunneller Remembered    "The Coffs Harbour Advocate"

25 April 2010     Honour Roll Stories: Kellyville    "Hills Voices Online"

25 April 2010     Cache of Old Letters Brings Home Horror  (PDF)    "The Sunday Mail"

26 April 2010     Timely ANZAC Lesson: Don't Follow a Fading Power to Disaster    "The Age"

13 May 2010     Thanks Mustard Gas Men  (PDF)    "Air Force (Official RAAF Newspaper)"

21 May 2010     Heroic Action was at a Cost  (PDF)    "Coffs Coast Advocate"

01 June 2010     Long Poison Era Ended in Handshake    "The Daily Telegraph"

04 June 2010     Australia's Security Interests    "Australian Bureau of Statistics"

09 June 2010     Mustard Gas Shells to be Destroyed    "The Chronicle - Toowoomba"

12 June 2010     Deadly But Someone Had to Do the Job   (PDF) "Northern Territory News - Saturday Extra"

15 June 2010     US  Military CB Warfare History    "Armchair Generalist"

13 July 2010     Lithgow Businesses on Notice over Pollution, Noise    "ABC News"

29 July 2010     Australia to Impose Nuclear Sanctions on Iran    "Voice of America"

30 July 2010     Experts to Destroy Old Gas Shells    "The Chronicle - Toowoomba"

05 August 2010    Investigation Needed  (PDF) "Townsville Bulletin"

11 August 2010    Humble Hero Remembers  (PDF) "Townsville Bulletin"   

21 August 2010    Accidental Hero   (PDF) "Gold Coast Bulletin"   

25 August 2010    Students Asked to Plan Terror Attack   "Sydney Morning Herald"  

30 August 2010    Evidence of Mustard Gas use in WW2 PNG    "Keith Jackson"  

13 September 2010    Mustard Gas found on Disused Military Site    "The Australian"  

13 September 2010    Mustard Gas found in WWII Shells    "The Age" 

13 September 2010    Mustard Gas found in WWII Shells    "Daily Telegraph" 

13 September 2010    Mustard Gas found in WWII Shells    "Sydney Morning Herald" 

17 September 2010    Unfulfilled Farmer Found a Rewarding Life in Science  (PDF) "Canberra Times"

29 September 2010    Kevin Rudd' Dangerous World    "Brisbane Times" 

17 October 2010    Chemical Munition Dump Sites in Coastal Environments  (PDF) "Flanders Marine Institute"

20 October 2010    Greens Bill for Parliament    "The Australian"

22 November 2010    Gates Opened to Mustard Gas Site   "The Chronicle - Toowoomba"

23 November 2010    Weapon Search to Continue    "The Chronicle - Toowoomba"

January 2011      Trains, Toxic Agents & Toadstools  (PDF)     "Blue Mountains Life Magazine"

15 February 2011      US Expertise Sought to Dispose of Mustard Gas Shells     "ABC News"

22 February 2011      Heritage Listing for Glenbrook Tunnel     "Heritage Council"

18 March 2011      WII Columboola Chemical Munitions Destruction     "Dept of Defence"

18 March 2011      Clean Up of WWII Mustard Gas Stash at Queensland Property    "The Australian"

18 March 2011      Clean Up of Mustard Gas at Qld Property     "The Age"

24 March 2011      Mustard Gas Shells to be Destroyed    "The Chronicle - Toowoomba"

29 April 2011    First the Military Treated Us Like Mushrooms: So What's Changed  (PDF)  "Penrith Press"

22 May 2011    Heritage Declaration for 88 Mile    "Northern Territory Government"

02 June 2011      Defence Destroys WWII Weapons in Queensland    "Australian Government"

02 June 2011      Mustard Gas Shells Destroyed    "The Chronicle - Toowoomba"

07 June 2011      Defence Minister Visits OPCW    "OPCW"

08 June 2011      Columboola A Short Historical Overview   (PDF)    "Despatches - Army History Unit News"

12 June 2011      Fear Terrorists Could Use Chemical Weapons in Australia    "The Telegraph"

July 2011      Beach Gas Scare    "The Wagaitear"

17 September 2011       Mustard Gas Fears Averted in Toxic Blaze    "The Australian"

7 December 2011      World War II Plan to Poison Japanese Crops Revealed   "Courier Mail"  

11 February 2012     The Passing of a Legend - Jack Brown  (PDF)    "Townsville Bulletin"

11 March 2012     Richmond Adventurer and Store Owner Dearly Missed   "Agribusiness"

20 April 2012     Chemical Cleanup 70 Years On  (PDF)  "Defence Magazine"

22 June 2012     Mustard Gas Bomb Found      "The Chronicle - Toowoomba"

30 July 2012     OPCW Director-General Visits Australia, Meets Foreign Minister    "OPCW"

25 September 2012     Contamination Fears at Defence Site    "Maribyrnong Leader"

10 February 2013     Defence Investigating Claims up to 50 US Prisoners Died    "Courier Mail"

April 2013     An Unlikely Encounter  (PDF)    "CBARR News"

30 August 2013     Defence Buying Protective Gear for Chemical Weapons Attack     "Brisbane Times"

27 November 2014     Book reveals details of toxic gas trials as canister searches continue     "ABC News"

10 December 2014     Secrets From the Past  (PDF)   "Blue Mountains Gazette"

29 January 2015     Death By Mustard Gas Review  (PDF)   "Daily Telegraph"

5 February 2015     Berowra Author Publishes His Latest Books  (PDF)   "The Bush Telegraph"

9 February 2015     The Unknown Story of the Gassed Stevedores    "Maritime Union of Australia"

16 March 2015     Death By Mustard Gas Review ADF Journal  (PDF)    "ADF Journal"

16 March 2015     Death By Mustard Gas Flyer   (PDF)    "Big Sky Publishing"

26 March 2015     Sydneyís Secret Chemical Weapon Disaster  (Web) (PDF)  "Daily Telegraph"

17 April 2015     WWII Mustard Gas Dumped off Cape Moreton    "Brisbane Times"

17 April 2015     Calls on Minister Dr Steven Miles to Test WWII Mustard Gas Dumping    "Brisbane Times"

17 April 2015     Environment Minister Seeks Advice Over Testing Chemical Weapons Site    "Brisbane Times"

23 April 2015     Remembrance Plaque is Unveiled at Villa Maria    "Herald Sun"

30 April 2015     Mustard Gas Dumped off Cape Moreton Wont Be Tested    "Brisbane Times"

01 June 2015     Australia Group Celebrates 30th Anniversary    "US Department of State"

06 June 2015     Isis Could Develop Chemical Weapons    "Independent"

20 June 2015     Deadly Effect of Mustard Gas Brought to Light in Death By Mustard Gas  (Web) (PDF)   "Daily Telegraph"

30 March 2016     Glenbrook Tunnel Mushroom Farm to Close    "Blue Mountains Gazette"

04 August 2016     Proserpine's Historical Museum    "ABC Online"

04 July 2017     Chemical Warfare Armourer Doug Bain's Passing    "Sydney Morning Herald"