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Chemical Warfare   World War I
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Chemical Weapons & Agents   Chemical Weapons Convention Chemistry   Chemical Weapons Convention - text
Federation of American Scientists   Chemical Weapons Convention - Wikipedia
James Martin Centre   Australia's National Authority for the CWC
Org for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons   Australia - Non Proliferation
Reaching Critical Will   Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act 1994
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Wikipedia   CWC Guide for Parliamentarians (pdf)

Australian Depots

Australia Wide   Glenbrook Tunnel - Photos (2004)
Australian Field Experimental Station   Inala, Queensland (Darra - United States)
Bowen, Queensland (Chemical Research Unit)   Kangaroo, Queensland (United States)
Chemical Warfare School, Brisbane (US)   Marrangaroo Headquarters & Tunnel
Clarence Tunnel   Picton Tunnel - Ghost Tours (current use)
Clarence Tunnel - ZigZag Rail (current use)   Kingswood (United States)
Clarence Tunnel - ZigZag Rail (photo)   Talmoi, (No. 19 Replenishing Centre)
Columboola, Queensland   Glenbrook Tunnel
Mustard Gas   Phosgene
Wikipedia   Wikipedia
Molecule of the Month   Facts about Phosgene
Council on Foreign Relations   Nitrogen Mustard
Chemical Weapons Elimination (United States)